A Blog about the Wardour Castle Summer Schools 1964, 1965

Advertisement for the 1964 WCSS


15TH TO 23RD AUGUST, 1964



The Wardour Summer School of Music is essentially a new venture, which will take place in the elegant Wardour Castle, built for the Arundell family in the latter half of the eighteenth century by James Paine.

It is the realisation of an idea formed by a distinguished group of young composers known as the “Manchester School”, to provide a complete and contrasted course covering particular aspects of music from many ages,  including works by Byrd, Gabrielli, C. P. E. Bach, Mozart, Michael Tippett, Peter Maxwell Davies etc. There will be concerts by the Melos Ensemble, which will include along with classical works, the “Quatuor pour la Fin du Temps,” by Oliver [sic] Messiaen. There will also be a special concert sponsored by The Society for the Promotion of New Music.

Despite the functional necessity of having basic categorisation of various aspects of the School, it is hoped to provide a definite unity between, Composers and Performer, Amateurs and Professionals; in an active friendly and musical atmosphere.

Wardour Castle is situated off Salisbury Plain, in beautiful unspoiled countryside three miles from Tisbury Station, which in turn is fifteen miles from Salisbury–two and a half hours by train (Waterloo). By car it is about three miles off the A30, between Salisbury and Shaftesbury.

The Castle today is the home of Cranborne Chase School, and was completely restored in 1960.

Facilities include, small dormitories, elegant dining hall, hard tennis courts, swimming pool and extensive private grounds.

The fee per member for the whole course (inclusive), will be 14 guineas, a reduction will be made for non-residents. A deposit of 3 guineas, non-returnable in case of withdrawal, will be required on registration, the balance of the fee being payable before the 1st of August. Intending members are asked to register as soon as possible. Registration forms may be obtained from:

The Secretary,

The Lodge,

Motcombe Park,




Alexander Goehr will rehearse the combined choir and orchestra and take classes in analysis and composition; he will also lecture on Twentieth-Century Music.

Peter Maxwell Davies will rehearse the choir in works including Byrd–4-part mass, and a new piece specially written by him, for the Summer School. He will lecture on Early Music.

Harrison Birtwistle will rehearse the orchestra and larger instrumental groups.

John Telford will rehearse chamber music for instrumentalists of limited experience and moderate ability.

Lamar Crowson–piano classes.

Gervase de Peyer–clarinet classes.

Emmanuel Hurwitz–chamber music.

Members involved in specialised seminars will be invited to prepare a specific piece, or in the case of chamber music, part; details of which will be supplied at a later date.

Composition Seminar. Member of this class will be invited to compose and rehearse a short, original composition, which will be discussed during the lessons and will also be performed in an informal concert. Information regarding instrumentation will be supplied on request.

Private Lessons may be arranged with any of the above faculty, fees on application to the secretary.

(ACGB/51/1265; see 1)

It is worth emphasising the point made in the flyer, that: ‘it is hoped to provide a definite unity between, Composers and Performer, Amateurs and Professionals’.

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