A Blog about the Wardour Castle Summer Schools 1964, 1965

Northcott’s general comments

I asked Northcott about the motivation for starting the WCSSs, and why they were needed when Dartington and Darmstadt were already running:

(LS100049, 1:05’53”)

(LS100049, 1:12’13”)

Having gone through the concert programme, Northcott moved on to his memories of the other classes and activities from the 1965 school. Maxwell Davies’ analysis classes included Bach Inventions, Pierrot Lunaire and the first movement of Mahler’s Third Symphony, all as advertised.

(LS100049, 1:48’34”)

There are some implications of his teaching of Mahler 3 that will become apparent in my review of Peter Maxwell Davies Studies to be published in Music & Letters.

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